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Fuel monitoring system in Jaipur india
Fuel monitoring system in Jaipur india

Get live and accurate fuel consumption data as well as mileage at different terrains. This helps you efficiently manage fuel inventories, cut costs due to improved driving practices, refueling details at every stage and prevent fuel theft to a very large extent. The system comprises both hardware and software that are tamper-proof. This gives you effectively control operational costs during transportation.

Today the profit margins of transportation are very thin and even slight management shortcomings can have an adverse effect on profitability. This system gives Real-Time Fuel Consumption Details, ratio of engine idling time and instant alert of fuel theft the moment it happens. Our system can be used for almost all types of vehicles. We also customize our systems to suit your individual requirements.

A fuel monitoring system is a technology-based device that focuses on any pumpable liquid or gaseous fuel for both manned and unmanned fuelling stations. The system gives real-time visibility into all areas of fuel management and fueling operations, utilizing automation to free up drivers and gather data that is instantly accessible to any staff member who needs it.

Yes, our Fuel Monitoring system in Jaipur india is a revolution in the logistics management industry.

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  • Real Time/Live Tracking
  • Ignition On/Off Alert
  • History Tracking
  • Engine Immoblizer/Cut From Mobile app
  • Geo-fence in/out
  • Real Time Fuel Monitoring
  • Fuel Refilling Report
  • Fuel theft alert
  • Fuel consumption Report
  • over speeding alerts
  • Distance Report
  • Parking Violation/Tempering alarm
  • Ideling Report
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Reports