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EssZie Telematics is the wholesale supplier, Distributor ,importer and manufacturer of gps tracking device as well as whitelabel software distributor in Jaipur, Rajasthan,India
Esszie Telematics provide the best GPS based Vehicle Tracking system for your vehicle to make your fleet safe and secure. EssZie Telematics services include bike tracking, truck tracking, school bus tracking, car tracking, asset tracking, kids tracking and pet tracking. The EssZie GPS tracker makes it easy to find your vehicle or Child or Assets live on Google map where you can also monitor the speed, distance travelled and the engine status..

Features Of EssZie Gps Trackers

  • Real Time/Live Tracking

  • Ignition On/Off Alert

  • Engine Immobilizer/Cut From Mobile App

  • Panic Button

  • Geo fence Alert

  • History Log

Reports From EssZie Gps Tracker

  • Full Day Report

  • Trip Report

  • Distance Report

  • Idiling Report

  • Stoppage Report

  • A.C Missuse Report

Vehicle Tracking System in Jaipur,Rajasthan,India

EssZie Telematics is a vehicle tracking device Provider Company which is located in Jaipur. It offers GPS based tracking system for vehicles. It is established with the sole aim of keeping your fleet secure. We provide GPS based devices for bike tracking, truck tracking, school bus tracking, car tracking, asset tracking, kids tracking and pet tracking. Our dedicated, Experienced team of professionals strives hard to use their special technical expertise to enhance your fleet security. Having served Jaipur and Pan India for the past four years, we are now available in Jaipur, Patna, Bangalore also. Our promise of providing robust platform for GPS based best vehicle tracking system has made us achieve happiness of thousands of satisfied customers and we are still counting. We endeavor to meticulously solve your vehicle tracking needs with our best GPS tracking devices. The accuracy of data provided and the speed of performance has already made us a pioneer in vehicle tracking device industry.

GPS Vehicle Tracking App IOS & Android

The GPS based Vehicle tracker is compatible with Android and iPhones. Our easy to download app gives the vehicle tracking information with a single click. The automated web software is quite user friendly i.e. very easy to use.
By using our app, you can easily avail following benefits:

  • Live Tracking 24 Hours of All Vehicles.
  • Engine Ignition On-Off Control.
  • Speed Monitoring.
  • Push Notifications For Ignition & Overspeed.
  • Parking Mode For Theft Protection.
  • Trip Replay 90 Days.
  • Vehicle Finder Navigation.
  • Geo Fence Alerts
  • Engine Idle,Runnig,stop color changing indication

EssZie Telematics offers you highly advanced & aria approved best vehicle GPS Tracking System for your car, bike, truck, & personal kids trackers. By using our GPS based Vehicle Tracking Devices you can easily keep an eye on your vehicle 24*7*365 by our live tracking system module. You can also track your vehicle location start & end point, daily running k.m, trip summary and much more in our GPS Vehicle Tracker anytime and anywhere from your mobile, laptop and tablet. The modern Vehicle GPS Device assists you in prevention of unauthorized use of your vehicle by using parking mode. Currently we are offering gps tracker for car, bike tracking system in Jaipur, car gps tracker device in Jaipur, truck tracking system device, personal tracker, asset tracker in Jaipur, Gurgaon, faridabad.
Do you need real-time location tracking of your truck, kids, bike, car, assets or elder on the map? Make it happen using our best GPS Tracking System, you can see the instant live location and location alerts through our application on your iPhone, Android, Tablet, Windows or any preferred device. No matter where you are located, what time it is, you can check 24x7 live location. We are concerned more about our customer satisfaction and vehicle safety.
Our Car tracking system is capable of providing the right data through our reporting capabilities and we are happy that we stand out unique from other GPS tracking models.Our system has the flexibility to generate reports such as distance report. Route report, trip report, speed report and bunch of other types of report which people can download in weekly and monthly basis. Our report also includes includes Speeding violations, daily vehicle activity, the complete list of vehicle start and stops alerts, excessive idling times. You can view the daily report which shows your last 24 hours travel history.
Mobile Fleet Tracking
Our experts always stays on their desk and our system is compatible with any mobile types so that you get the complete data analysis at the right time no matter about the location or time.
Real-time Mapping
Our GPS tracking device helps in tracking the car, assets or anything with a real-time traffic on the map. You can zoom to any street or terrain to find the right data through our car tracking system.
Geofenced and Landmarks Features
We are offering our GPS Tracker for car, bike , truck, school bus and personal tracking use. You can see the accurate location easily from anywhere. You will get the instant alerts once the vehicle has reached the preferred location and also when they are moving from the trucking company. When you use the GPS Tracker for car, it provides the real time tracking, stoppage alerts and destination alerts. The app has the history logs option which provides the complete travel history list.
Panic Button
Our GPS tracking Device has the Panic button feature which gives the safty alerts to the person who you want to share your location information. When you are in trouble you can press the sos button & it will send the instant alert via SMS/Email about your location to your family members.
Live Traffic Info
Enjoy the live traffic info with car tracking system via our user friendly mobile app. Say goodbye to the traffic congestion and travel freely on a hassle-free route wherever you go.
Ongoing Technical Support
Our technical support services will offer you quick answers for your question, immediate support in case of any issues, solve any complex problems easily, keep your data updated and also helps all the drivers stay connected in the same time. Our Advanced GPS tracking system assure the live tracking updates instantly and 100% safe travel for your loved one. .

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